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School Physicals | Dr. Matney Victorville Children's Pediatrics

School age children commonly need school physicals to enroll in preschool, daycare, kindergarten, and grade school. Later come physicals for middle school, high school, college, vocational schools, pre-employment physicals, or sometimes a clearance for a health concern before joining the military.

Also, kids usually need physicals for sports participation whether inside school, or outside of school, such as Little League and Pop Warner Football, soccer leagues, cheerleading teams, health clubs, and martial arts.

Summer camps and day camps are a great opportunity for fun and excitement and learning activities for kids, and the opportunity usually requires a screening physical. Many teens give great service to others by going on mission trips abroad or here in the USA, and they will usually need a medical clearance first, and they should also make sure all their shots are up-to-date.

For children with special needs, Dr. Matney cooperates fully with The Special Olympics and with various challenged children’s sports, with diabetic camps and other health issue-related camps and activities, as well as helping kids with Make-a-Wish assessments and certification letters.

Dr. Matney does all of these types of school and sports physicals and he makes sure your child is healthy and up-to-date on shots and various health screenings, and is OK to participate. And if any special requirements are needed, such as an asthma inhaler or an epinephrine injector, Dr. Matney will make sure your prescriptions and paperwork are in order.

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