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Being a new or expectant mom or dad can be one of life’s most exhilarating experiences, but also sometimes an overwhelming or even frightening one. You and your new family are going through many changes, and you no doubt will have many questions about your baby’s health and development. A board-certified pediatrician is specifically trained and experienced in normal baby development, toddler development and child development, has the knowledge and the time to answer your questions and properly address any fears or anxiety you may be experiencing. You want a specialized pediatric doctor who is there for you and your baby.

Dr. Glenn Matney is that kind of doctor. For well over 20 years, his practice has been dedicated to well-baby care and normal child development. In addition to expert treatment for all manner of childhood illnesses, he has been teaching and treating tens of thousands of young moms and dads and grandparents of children of all ages since opening his practice in 1992.

apblogoDr. Matney’s private practice starts out with your newborn’s exam in the hospital nursery. Next for your new baby comes well-baby care in his office and the monitoring of normal health and development. As your baby grows up, toddler physicals and developmental assessments come next, and then life moves on to school physicals and teenager issues. Dr. Matney’s office is there for the whole journey.

His office provides all recommended baby shots and child vaccinations, as well as teenage school vaccinations, and Dr. Matney also specializes in the treatment of ADD and ADHD treatment, along with all forms of comprehensive pediatric care services.

Local moms and dads and grandparents of children throughout Victorville, Hesperia, Phelan, Adelanto, Apple Valley and Barstow continue to look to Dr. Matney when they need just that kind of expert, old-fashioned, old-school, private-practice pediatrician.

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There’s a different feeling when you take your child to see a pediatric specialist like Doctor Matney. There are many walk-in clinics and even hospitals where your child will only see either a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant, or else a regular doctor who does not specialize in babies and children. But at Matney Pediatrics, you see Dr. Matney every time. He is still practicing solo, and his staff members have been with him for many, many years. You will know the feeling that you are in a very professional, yet warm and kid-friendly environment where you and your child are in very good hands. Many young mothers and fathers, including first-time and even still-expecting moms can rely on the full-service care and attention they receive from Dr. Matney and his caring, dedicated and professional staff.

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