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Your Kids Need a Board-Certified Pediatrician!

The very best doctor for your baby or child of any age is a Board-Certified Pediatrician. Board-Certified Pediatricians specialize in only treating babies and children and teens.

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Dr. Glenn Matney

I always wanted to become a doctor from the time I was about five years old, probably because I had older siblings that were already nurses and doctors who I looked up to as role models. I did well in school, especially in science, and I was able to achieve that goal. When I got to medical school, I found taking care of babies and children much more interesting and far more rewarding than working with adult patients, and pediatrics was simply a much better fit for my personality. At heart, I am basically a pretty fun-loving and easy-going person, and when you deal with kids, you don’t get to take yourself too seriously for too long.

Patient Reviews

Very happy with visit. Started appointment on time. He instantly made my nephew comfortable and relaxed. He was in no hurry and fully engaged. Most importantly, he got to the heart of my nephews issue. Office staff was very friendly and able to work.

I have been taking my children to Dr. Matney’s for over 17 years. When my children are sick I always get an appointment that day. The staff is always friendly to me and my kids. I am never there longer than an hour. The office is very clean as well as welcoming.

Satisfied as always with Dr. Matney and staff. We have been taking our kids to them for almost 7 years and not once had any issues.

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