Being pregnant or being a new mom or dad is exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming or even frightening when your baby is sick. New parents have many questions about baby’s health and development. Your child needs a board-certified pediatrician who specializes exclusively in normal baby development and know how to recognize problems early like autism, behavior problems, and learning disorders. They understand how to diagnose and treat problems with normal growth, poor appetite, colic and sleep problems. They know exactly what vaccines your baby and child should receive and provide all baby shots, school shots, middle school and high school shots, and can give you expert advice on recommend vaccine safety. And if your baby or child ever becomes seriously ill, you want your doctor to be a highly trained and highly experienced professional who specializes specifically in the illnesses of children who can quickly make the correct diagnosis and start the right treatment to get them back to health. Not all doctors, nurse practitioners, or physician’s assistants found in regular urgent care clinics, doctor’s offices, or hospital emergency rooms have that level of skill, but a board-certified pediatrician does exclusively and ONLY that. A highly trained and highly experienced Board-Certified Pediatrician, such as Dr. Matney, with over 25 years of experience, is the right choice for a primary care provider for your baby or child’s healthcare needs.

Dr. Matney’s private pediatric practice clinic has served the children of the High Desert since 1992, and now many of his former patients are now old enough to be moms and dads themselves, and bring their own babies to Dr. Matney’s office for great baby care, baby shots and well baby checkups.

Dr. Matney is active on the hospital medical staff at Victor Valley Global Medical Center in Victorville. He sees newborn babies at both of those hospitals in the newborn nursery after the baby is delivered. If you would like to select Dr. Matney for your new baby’s doctor when it is born, contact our office at 760-245-9363 for information or a free get-to-know-the-doctor visit, and let your hospital nurses know when you check in for your delivery that you are requesting Dr. Matney for your baby’s pediatrician for the hospital stay.