Should I Get My Child a Flu Vaccine?

Overview Every year, influenza or commonly known as flu sickens millions and hospitalizes thousands of people. Worse, it also causes tens of thousands of death. Children younger than 5 years old are at high risk of developing serious flu-related complications. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that since [...]

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Autism: Learn the Early Signs

What is ASD? Autism, or sometimes called autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions that cause significant social, communication, and behavioral challenges. It may affect how a person interacts, perceives, and socializes with others. The learning, thinking, and problem-solving skills of people with ASD can range [...]

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Observing National Infant Immunization Week

National Infant Immunization Week is celebrated in 2017 from April 22 through the 29. During this week, doctors, communities and public health programs show the community how important immunizations are from a very early age to keep a child healthy and to keep dangerous diseases from spreading throughout communities. This [...]

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What Is a Fever and How Much Should It Matter?

Fever can be extremely troubling to parents, particularly if the fever is very high. Some fevers may occur along with other symptoms, such as with symptoms of the common cold, while others seem to occur by themselves. Parents need to understand what a fever is, what they should do about [...]

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Hand Washing Techniques for Children

Hand washing is extremely important for children because it is the first line of defense against disease. Hand washing can effectively remove germs from the hands via friction and can protect against a myriad of disease, from the common cold and influenza to infectious diarrheas, and hepatitis A. Children encounter [...]

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