Urgent Care versus Emergency Room

A dilemma common to parents of sick children, particularly in the winter months when illnesses are more rampant, is knowing when to take the child to the pediatrician, a local urgent care or the nearest emergency room. One option is to start by calling the child’s pediatrician. Many doctors’ offices [...]

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Understanding Antibiotics for Children

When a child becomes ill, often a parent’s first thought is of the need for antibiotics. However, this mindset is often quite inaccurate and does nothing to treat the root problem. Sadly, these mistaken ideas have been built upon by many well-meaning doctors who prescribe antibiotics too liberally or for [...]

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How to Deal with Pediatric Emergencies over the Holidays

With pediatric health conditions, parents may struggle to know what is a true emergency and what can wait until the next day when regular clinics are open. Over the holiday season, especially between Christmas and New Year’s, many clinics are closed. When the holiday falls on a weekend as it [...]

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Keeping the Holidays Safe for Children

No holiday is fun when someone gets hurt. During the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, most homes fill up with new and different items that can be potentially harmful to children, particularly for infants, toddlers and preschool-age children who may not recognize harmful substances. The three biggest problems that parents [...]

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What Is a Developmental Delay?

A developmental delay occurs when a child does not reach a developmental milestone at the usual age. These delays could be physical or mental and could include delays in speaking, walking, participating in social play and many more. While some developmental delays are nothing to be concerned about and resolve [...]

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Tips for Increasing a Child’s Activity Levels

Children these days are much less active than children several decades ago were. Today’s children have plenty of reasons to stay inside and to glue themselves to the television, computer or gaming station. In fact, childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic with the number of children diagnosed as obese having [...]

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