Potty Training and How a Pediatrician Can Help

One of the most stressful yet exciting times for a new parent is potty training. All sorts of potty training methods have been developed with some parents advocating for letting the child decide when potty training should start and other insisting that an 18-month-old child can be potty trained in [...]

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What to Know about Your Baby’s First Visit to the Doctor

In the hustle and bustle of pregnancy concerns, many soon-to-be mothers may not think about finding a pediatrician for their babies. However, every newborn will need to see a doctor shortly after being discharged from the hospital. Knowing what to expect can set parents’ minds at ease. Because this is [...]

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Immunizations and College

Immunizations have come increasingly under fire in the past several years as some proponents of a more natural lifestyle have argued that vaccines are inherently unsafe and that they should not be given to children or to anyone for that matter. However, numerous researchers have continued to demonstrate the effectiveness [...]

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Dangers of Denying Vaccinations to Children

The numbers of parents stating concerns about common childhood vaccines have been increasing to incredible numbers throughout the past decade with devastating effects. Increased numbers of cases of previously rare and controlled diseases, such as measles and whooping cough, have been cropping up with a particularly widely reported incident of [...]

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Wildfire and the Dangers to Children with Asthma

With the recent Blue Cut Fire that has raged across California’s Cajon Pass and with the numerous wildfires that seem to plague much of the western United States each year, parents should be aware of how to protect children from the dangerous effects of wildfires and from the particulate pollutants that [...]

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Health Concerns After Wave of Californian Wildfires

Wildfires bring a host of dangers and problems with them. Not only are they devastating on the surrounding landscape and on housing and business districts but also they are quite hazardous to one’s health. This is particularly true for those who have undeveloped lungs or prior respiratory issues. Children’s lungs [...]

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Treating Families Affected by Parental Substance Use

Substance use and abuse is a far greater problem than many would think. In fact, almost 10 percent of the U.S. population older than 12 has used psychoactive substances. While this is problematic for the primary individual involved, it is especially troubling for any children within the home. Because children [...]

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