One of the most exciting times of your life is when you are going to be a new mom or dad. You are probably full of questions and you may be bombarded and confused by information overload. Dr. Matney is a friendly and attentive professional with decades of experience, and he will take his time with you to go over your questions and guide you with the best information for your baby’s health.

That process can start right now with a free “meet-the-doctor” visit, and it continues right into the hospital when your baby is born. Dr. Matney is on the staff at St. Mary Medical Center and at Victor Valley Global Medical Center, and when you check in for your delivery, you can tell the staff you want Dr. Matney for your baby’s pediatrician and he will attend your newborn in the hospital right from the start. For babies born at other hospitals, just call our office and then come on in for your newborn’s physical within the first few days of life. Our staff will help you with that appointment and help you with your insurance and other questions you may have on establishing your baby with Dr. Matney.

Baby’s first doctor visit should be in the office in the first 1-2 weeks of life. Dr. Matney goes over your baby from head to toe to make sure it is healthy and doing well. We need to make sure that baby is eating well and gaining weight, and not having any problems with breastfeeding or with jaundice or colic. We talk about safe sleeping and “back-to-sleep” and other health and safety tips, like hand washing and how to avoid cold and flu germs. We will then have you come back as many times as needed to make sure that baby is gaining weight and that everything is going well at home.

Most parents of baby boys getting circumcisions usually incorporate that procedure into their first or second office visit, but others want to wait a little longer. Dr. Matney can typically do the routine procedure for baby boys up to 10 pounds or 2 months of age, whichever comes first, but he can also discuss other circumcision options with you in person for any older or bigger baby boys. He uses a local anesthetic, and he goes over every detail with you. You are allowed to observe if you want to, but that is your choice to make. Newborn male circumcision is a very personal decision for parents, and if you are unsure, Dr. Matney can discuss all the pros and cons and the risks and benefits with you in person when you come in, so you can make the right decision about it for you and your new son.