Everybody likes to complain about teenagers, and it is kind of a cliché. But teens today have more challenges than ever before and Dr. Matney takes their needs and their healthcare very seriously. Board-certified pediatricians such as Dr. Matney don’t just take care of babies and small children. They also specialize in delivering comprehensive health care to teenagers. Teenagers can have special medical needs and specific emotional stresses that require the help of an experienced pediatrician. In addition to all their physical body changes and trying to navigate the social swamps of middle school and high school, today’s teens can be victims of emotional abuse from bullying and from social media. Some suffer in homes with domestic violence or drug and alcohol abusers and emotional neglect. Many teenagers have very poor diets, and unhealthy lifestyles without enough sleep or exercise. They can do poorly in school, and suffer from obesity, social isolation, anxiety, and major depression, and many will start dabbling with high risk behaviors such as smoking and vaping, or using marijuana, alcohol, pain pills, or other drugs. Some feel desperate and isolated to the point of suicide, and others act out with violence against others. Still others struggle with sex issues of all types, and some teens are sexually abused and exploited. We must pay attention to ALL our kids and get involved in their lives. Dr. Matney believes in talking straight to kids, and in taking them seriously. He talks to them “just like regular people” because they deserve the same respect and care as people in any other age group, and maybe even more.