Meet Dr. Matney

Glenn P. Matney, MD


Board-Certified Pediatrician, Continuously Practicing in the High Desert Since 1992

doctor-matney“I always wanted to become a doctor from the time I was five years old. I had older siblings that were nurses and doctors who I looked up to as role models. Science and medicine always fascinated me, and since I did very well in school, I never really veered off that course. Once I made it through college and into medical school and started taking care of real patients, I found taking care of pediatric patients infinitely more appealing than treating adults. It was a much better fit for my personality and I found the work much more optimistic and rewarding.

“We can make an impact in young lives that we can’t in adults, where irreversible damage has often already been done. I am very particular and professional about medicine, but I would much rather spend my workday with kids. Our work can sometimes become very serious indeed when children are facing deadly illnesses, but even still — when you deal with kids, you don’t get to take yourself too seriously for too long.

“I really enjoy working with my loyal and wonderful staff to provide great professional service to kids and parents in need, and I really have enjoyed getting to know kids and their families over the years and watching them grow up. I’ve been doing this for quite a long while now, so now I am getting to see some of my former ‘little’ patients bringing their own babies to see me. That is kind of cool — but it makes me feel rather old.

“I believe in guiding parents to do the best in taking care of their own kids. I give them the benefit of my training, expertise and medical opinions, but on most things I don’t believe there is only one ‘right’ way. I believe in educating and motivating people to do what is in their own health interests and what is best for their children’s lives. Human beings are being raised all over this planet every day under dramatically varying circumstances, yet most of them turn out just fine. We try to focus on what is really important and separate fact from fiction.

“My newest passion is for Addiction Medicine and in treating folks with the devastating diseases of alcoholism and drug addictions. I recently passed the board examinations for the American Board of Addiction Medicine, and now have been fortunate enough to open a new full-service outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center here in Victorville, called First Step Recovery Center (see ). Fortunately, I have a lot of help and support in running that center, but with my full-time commitment to my solo pediatric practice, I think I will be staying pretty busy for a while.

“Addiction is a devastating disease, and a destroyer of body and soul and of families and particularly of children, but it is the only disease I know of that, when treated, the patient not only goes back to where they were before they got sick, but ends up even better than they ever were. And not only them, but everything and everyone around them gets better too, and so does society. So although it’s very tragic, it is also an extremely rewarding and exciting field of medicine that has never been more needed than right now.”

Dr. Matney’s Professional Qualifications:



American Board of Pediatrics
American Board of Addiction Medicine


American Academy of Pediatrics
American Society of Addiction Medicine

Medical Degree:

MD from Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, CA

Pediatric Residency:

Loma Linda University Medical Center Children’s Hospital


California Medical Association
American Society of Addiction Medicine
California Society of Addiction Medicine
San Bernardino County Medical Society
Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Hospital Leadership Positions:

Vice-Chairman, Department of Pediatrics
St. Mary Medical Center, Apple Valley, CA
Chairman, Physician Well-Being Committee
Victor Valley Global Medical Center, Victorville, CA

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