1. Introduction

When it comes to newborns, it’s best to have a celebrated child specialist pediatrician or a pediatrician who is recommended for his or her great care and expertise. A pediatrician should not only be experienced but also share a common ground with you regarding the kind of care that your baby needs. As first-time parents, it is also doubly important to find a doctor near your area so you can make it to all your necessary appointments right away. It is essential that the pediatrician you choose be available for emergencies. It may not even be possible for first-time parents to think ahead! That’s why we have done all the hard work for you – compile a list of pediatricians whom you can trust with your baby and who are always a stone’s throw away from you. Here is that golden list of the best pediatricians according to fellow parents in Chennai, and I am sure you will find the best baby doctor near you from it.

1.1. Significance of Choosing the Right Newborn Baby Doctor

Since you and your newborn will be seeing them a lot, it is essential to ensure that you and your newborn baby’s doctor is the right fit and has all the right qualifications. It also means you should trust the doctor and be comfortable asking questions, expressing your concerns, and requesting additional information when needed. We have already talked about 7 important points to keep in mind before choosing a newborn baby doctor. This list will help you find a newborn baby doctor in any part of the country. These doctors are top-rated and well-qualified, offering the care your little one needs and deserves.

Choosing a doctor for your newborn is an important task as we all want to provide our newborns with the best care possible. A newborn baby doctor can cater to all health and development-related concerns and may also give advice on breastfeeding, sleep, diaper rashes, and more.

2. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Newborn Baby Doctor

Examine your doctor’s immunization strategy before you even step into her office for the first time. With all the panic over vaccinations, the World Health Organization sponsors child immunization programs. While there are many conflicting facts out there, most reliable sources want parents to immunize their children. Depending on the set obtained, some insurance providers cover vaccine costs while others do not. Look through your list to see where yours is. Upon your initial consultation, your baby doctor must be able to speak to you. It’s nice if the office still provides multiple services like training and breastfeeding assistance. There are no traveling, which can save you money. While many baby doctors claim to be trained and supportive of training, the fact is that the extent of the instruction and the amount of help given differ. Before settling on a doctor, read some reports of the doctors that you meet.

Whether you have given birth before or are expecting your first child, you should consider many factors that will help protect your baby’s health and ensure your peace of mind. Looking for a newborn baby doctor is a great idea to ensure that they are properly protected and quickly recognize symptoms that may require increased supervision. It is crucial that your baby doctor is quick to respond and can accommodate your family’s needs. For example, if you travel frequently for work, it’s a good idea to decide that your physician’s office is convenient to a major transport stop. No matter – a baby doctor should be ready to accommodate your family’s needs.

2.1. Qualifications and Credentials

Particular skills in addition to their (MD or DO) degree are required for any newborn doctor. Pediatricians must complete 4 years of medical school and at least 3 years of pediatric training, including the treatment of newborns to young adults, before being eligible for a pediatric board certificate from the American Board of Pediatrics. Upon completion of the appropriate examinations in pediatrics and a satisfactory review, board-certified pediatricians are entitled to continue this status by periodic recertification.

The pediatrician’s medical license from the state he obtained it will be available for inspection. Be conscious that the license status may shift, and if there are any current infractions against the doctor, the medical board will supply such updates.

Pediatricians for newborns choose to focus on the care needs of the earliest stages and growing years of a child. They typically have specific qualifications to practice a child’s medical needs, both preventive and treatment care. For the primary care and well-child care of your little patient, they are often your source of trusted advice. To ensure nearness to your location when you need them, you still want to search for these specialists in terms of choosing a pediatrician. Any of these directory-listed pediatricians near you can also be able to present their qualifications and paperwork to make sure you have real confidence in choosing your newborn baby doctor.

2.2. Experience and Specialization

When you take your baby to the newborn baby doctors, they will conduct a thorough examination. They will usually ask you whether there is a member of the family who has any known conditions to establish the existence of known genetic diseases in the family. They will provide advice on development and health in the future. They will weigh the growth and development of your baby and watch it at regular intervals. If any medical conditions are discovered during the examination, these can be diagnosed.

One thing that you should check is the experience and specialization of the doctors. Some doctors are specialized in a few conditions and diseases. Some doctors specialize only in infants and young children up to the age of seven to eight. For most babies and families, a specialist in the state of infants is not necessary; however, if your baby is born preterm or has an issue at birth, you will follow up with another specialist in the hospital. Some general pediatric consultants will similarly assess the smaller preterm infants. Some consultants can specialize in treating urgent conditions.

2.3. Location and Accessibility

Another thing to consider when choosing a pediatrician is the distance of the hospital from your home. Having a pediatrician within close proximity is very practical, especially with children who tend to get sick more often than most adults. This also helps in saving time when you are considering professional help or support for babies who might be experiencing a medical emergency. The traveling to and from the pediatrician’s clinic will also be more convenient this way.

Time to St. Luke’s Medical Center is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a pediatrician. St. Luke’s Medical Center opens its doors to welcome patients from Monday up to Saturday. The standard waiting hours for patients fall between thirty minutes and one hour. St. Luke’s Medical Center in BGC enjoys an excellent location with an optimal distance from residential communities, commercial establishments, and schools. There is an adjacent, toll-free access to better facilitate people coming from other regions to their healthcare facility.

3. Top 7 Newborn Baby Doctors Near You

Going through an Interview you will learn a lot about the medical expertise and outlines the specialist you choose. Their exercise, education, and background that pertain to the newborn Pediatrics can be useful. It will also give you the opportunity to apply some important inquiries about your experience and your practices. Get a better idea of how care is delivered by the expert. There are also questions that you should be requested to test other patients, such as doctors’ business hours, the hospital they have been affiliated with, and whether they accept your health insurance plan or not. A final decision will be made more easily through a direct question session.

Once you become a parent, your lives are bonded with a tiny new person. That tiny creature has the great power to bring you endless joy, as well as experiencing indescribable joy, because extraordinary feeling is sure to make your days shine. When this is the only wish of the birth of any parent, the appearance can sometimes bring the unwanted but necessary medical procedure. Taking the best possible care of the little one is the primary goal of both parents. To take the job in the best possible way, there is always the help of doctors specializing in newborn pediatricians.

3.1. Doctor 1: Name and Credentials

Dr. John Beck, MD. Dr. Beck’s patient rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Dr. Beck honors several insurance plans including Rocky Mountain Health Plans, United Healthcare, and Anthem. He is affiliated with North Colorado Medical Center and McKee Medical Center. Dr. Beck graduated from the University of Washington School of Medicine. His residency was performed at Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix. Dr. Beck has received professional recognition including various awards from the American Society of Health System Pharmacist and was recognized for outstanding scholarship from the University of Washington. His expertise is both in obstetrics and gynecology. Dr. Beck has performed a large number of minimally invasive procedures. As he states, “I have found that when talking to a patient about their health problems, finding out what their most pressing concerns and deciding on a plan together often makes all the difference in the world.” Dr. Beck speaks Spanish.

3.2. Doctor 2: Name and Credentials

You can visit her office at 134 Arthur St., Cedarhurst, NY 11510 or call her to make an appointment at 516-295-9959. In summary, Dr. Aszodi is very knowledgeable when it comes to pediatric practice. She is attuned to the various signs, particularly when they are minimal or almost invisible to untrained people. Dr. Aszodi knows how to evaluate and effectively treat children and should be considered by nursing moms. She has received education in pediatrics and has the qualifications to care for the well-being of the baby. She understands the rapid growth of the infant and that the body can quickly react to various changes.

Dr. Aszodi is very nice, knowledgeable, warm, welcoming, and a generous lady. She is the most wonderful doctor in the area for newborn babies. There is really no post about her guessing games for tiny babies. She shows the new parents the strength and control of the movements in their baby’s stomach. She sees patients by appointment, but when she can, she also sees patients for walk-in care. Even if it is just the flu, for parents who would like to check their child’s provider, Dr. Aszodi will also give them her mobile number. She is a well-informed doctor with extensive experience in her practice.

Second on our list is Dr. Fanny Aszodi. Dr. Aszodi has been in practice for 18 years. She speaks Spanish, Hebrew, and English, and she is the best-rated pediatrician among the top 7 newborn baby doctors in the Cedarhurst area. She earned her medical degree at New York University and completed her pediatric residency at Long Island College. Kathy Wolt, the current practice administrator at Dr. Aszodi’s office in Cedarhurst, said this when asked about why nursing moms transfer to Dr. Aszodi according to her records: “They are usually nursing moms of other doctors, not necessarily with pediatric problems, but usually for poor feeding gains, and they are never sent to an ENT with the previous doctor. When the nursing baby did not get better, they changed.” Some of the services she offers are asthma, allergies, bowel problems, and vaccines. With an overall rating of 5 out of 5 stars, Dr. Aszodi is outstanding at accommodating patients and providing them with the best service when dealing with newborn to 18-year-old patients. You can visit this doctor at 134 Arthur St., Cedarhurst, NY 11510. Dr. Fanny Aszodi helped me with my medical concern. I did not wait for a long time in her office, the reception staff was friendly, and Dr. Aszodi took time to answer any questions I might have. I highly recommend her to anyone with medical needs.

3.3. Doctor 3: Name and Credentials

Susan Williams, MD, MS, FAAP, is board certified in Pediatrics. She has a Master’s in Science and is currently pursuing her PhD. She is a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Williams is highly rated, with reviews consistently mentioning her knowledge, engagement, and ability to listen to her patients. She believes in taking a personalized approach and understanding the unique characteristics of every child. Dr. Williams participates in a TrialNet that screens families for type 1 Diabetes, and her office is recognized as an ADA Center of Excellence. She is well-liked not only by pediatric patients but also by pregnant women looking for doctors for their newborn babies. The rapport and ease of her patients are noticed by her staff, who often greet her patients by name when they walk into her office. Dr. Williams is fluent in Spanish and has office locations in Verona and Waldwick.

3.4. Doctor 4: Name and Credentials

As the medical director of pediatric services at Staten Island University Hospital, Dr. Singh has considerable experience. He possesses board certification in Pediatrics and Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, and he is affiliated with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Singh provides treatment for patients who are suffering from conditions such as croup, dermatology, prenatal questions, sick baby, and sick child. A multilingual doctor, he is able to speak English, Punjabi, and Urdu. With locations at Great Kills, Manor Road, and New Springville, Dr. Singh is a highly regarded figure by patients. During their visits, kids see their top physician and raved that from check-in to check-out they receive the highest quality care.

If you’re a mom-to-be seeking prenatal care, if you’re seeking a pediatrician for your baby-to-be, or if you’re a mom who’s recently given birth and are seeking the care of a newborn baby doctor, we can help. Below, we profile some of the best newborn baby doctors in your area. They understand that your baby is your most precious possession and they are committed to helping you nurture and safeguard your new addition through all of life’s ups and downs.

3.5. Doctor 5: Name and Credentials

At Pediatric Health Care at Newtown, Dr. Rao examines newborns up to adolescent patients, and associates take care of each child. The practice accepts most of the many insurers, although he advises that you should get in touch with your insurance plan to guarantee the office participates with them. They are fond of old-fashioned contacts and notify patients that they do not use e-mail so that the patients could speak to the staff directly. It should be also stated that the office works to ensure the visits be on time, therefore, the session may be lost in the text or diagnostic in the case of late appointments, Dr. Rao mentions.

Name: Dr. Amy D. Walker-Fox, M.D. (Pediatric Newborn Medicine, Stamford Hospital, Stamford, CT) Specialties: General Pediatrician, Neonatologist Education:Yale-New Haven Hospital – Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital; Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University; University of Rochester; Brown University If Dr. Walker-Fox is with a patient during the visit, her staff will answer any inquiry or you can send confidential faxes to the office. When it comes to e-mail communication, the doctor prefers it only in urgent or remarkable conditions on the following e-mail address: The office working hours are Mon, Tue, Thu 8:30 am – 6:45 pm; Wed 8:30 am – 3:30 pm; Fri – 8:30 am – 5 pm. They pay attention to established lunch times and offer you not to disturb.

Lots of sunshine and wonderful adventures are waiting for your baby. But the path to them is sometimes dangerous and thorny. In order not to get lost in it, you need a doctor. We have prepared for you a top list of newborn specialists by states. Each of them will be your guide, therapist, and parent advisor.

3.6. Doctor 6: Name and Credentials

Various studies show a correlation between better physical and cognitive/behavioral neurodevelopmental outcomes at both 18-36 months and 7-8 years among neurologically healthy mature infants with the quantity and quality of nonnutritive sucking their immature counterparts are exposed to early on in their lives. Is this doctor helpful for promoting proper baby development via prenatal counseling or other offered therapies? This should be answered by the patient. Many doctors perform this assessment, which won’t have anything to do with actual care. Be informed about the doctor’s values and yours first, and schedule your desired activities if you feel a good connection with the doctor and respect the individual quite a lot before the baby arrives.

This pediatric consultant has experience in managing behavioral and developmental issues and also has training in managing children with special needs such as Autism and Rett Syndrome. This would be the right doctor for you if your baby is having developmental delays. Dr. Amrita Krishna currently practices at A J Hospital and Research Centre, with her primary focus on the provision of neonatal healthcare. As well as holding a Diploma Bonapace Antenatal Education, Dr. Amrita Krishna vouches for gentle caesarian delivery for pregnant mothers. All these indicate that she’s very empathetic towards childbirth and a major advocate for the power of natural birth. The Fukin Breast Milk Committee and organizing of Baby Fests and Breastfeeding Festival conducted by her provide clear evidence of her commitment to breastfeeding. Along with her clinical practice, she is also very much involved in medical education and has been teaching medical undergraduates and staff nurses. She’s a very strong advocate for development, which is her primary area of concentration. Her workshops, seminars, and counseling activities are diverse and practical both for medical professionals and clients.

3.7. Doctor 7: Name and Credentials

Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in the development and care of children from birth to adolescence. These medical specialists treat diseases in children, promote healthy living, diagnose illnesses that are difficult to detect without an examination, and refer to other, narrower, or more specialized pediatric doctors may be necessary to treat disease of the child. During the visit to the doctor, the parents get the first answers and get support, and the little patients collect the necessary samples, get the first treatment, and their state of health improves a bit. The professional qualification of the pediatrician is based on the experience, knowledge, skills, awards, and assistance available in the clinic.

The pediatrician sees newborns at the hospital where the little one is born and provides parents with the first instructions on baby care, bathing, swaddling, feeding, and napping. Then the next appointment is arranged at the clinic which is comfortable in terms of location or by recommendation from friends or family members. To save moms a bit of time and help them choose a qualified medical professional, we have selected the best pediatricians across the United States and provided a brief overview of their work so that moms can choose a top doctor for their little ones. There are many pediatricians in the United States. They differ by the type of specialists they are, additional exams, bonus services for first-time parents, special accommodations, and other benefits that can help parents when choosing a pediatrician.

4. Conclusion

Luckily for new mothers, with Start Asking Mom, there is no need to spend time asking around for different newborn doctors near you. This is a one-stop solution with doctors who are convenient, trustworthy, and come recommended. With the sole emphasis on patient care and comfort, trust Start Asking Mom to keep your baby in safe and capable hands. All the experts are pre-checked, recommended, and well-reviewed by you and your community of moms. So rest assured and concentrate on enjoying every moment with your new little one. Trust Start Asking Mom for all your pediatrician and newborn baby needs.

Congratulations and welcome to the brand-new world of motherhood! You are about to embark on a magical journey with your precious newborn, and for that, you will need the best support, not only from your family and friends but also from a pediatrician who can answer all of your questions. But the search for a good doctor can be intimidating. The last thing any new mother wants to do is run around town carrying a newborn baby, after a grueling night, unsure about what is right or wrong with their baby.

4.1. Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Newborn Baby Doctor

Do thorough research, meet the pediatrician in person and put together a list of questions that are important to you. Don’t overlook the fact that sometimes the best care provider may not be the closest one to your residence, so ask about office hours and hours of operation. You can find a list of reliable newborn baby doctors near you.

Choosing the best option out of the many newborn baby doctors available is of utmost importance. Your child’s pediatrician will establish a lasting relationship with you and your child throughout their early developmental years, rendering advice and care in the milestones to come.

Take the time to ask these questions when you interview your pediatrician. They will help you make the right choice for your little one as well as help ensure that you are comfortable and confident in the care a professional will provide for your little one.

Embark on a profound journey to uncover a wealth of insights!


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