1. Introduction

Finally, it relates to the costs that must be incurred. Different tools cost quite expensive. However, it is cheaper and offers the best online organizations. The advantage of this organization is the provision of specialists. This clinic offers circumcision for babies and young children. They offer the best and professional team of circumcision nurses. This is the simple way to obtain the best choice of clinic based on expertise and professional handling of caring family cases.

The third, check the implementation procedures. Be sure to check the procedures used because trusted providers have standard procedures and certification. Consider also the medical team itself. Circumcision services by the medical team of specialists or circumcision doctors are of primary concern.

The second is the safety of the location and facilities provided. Choose a clinic that is located in your choice of safe and fully equipped clinics. Some undergo surgery in skin surgery clinics that are also comfortable. Some equate circumcision like surgical procedures. At that time, the family will be very supportive.

The first and most urgent step refers to the proximity of your home or workplace. If the distance is far, it will make you tired of traveling and if there is an emergency it will be difficult. Estimates of locations within 2-10 km are reasonable benchmarks. This will make the journey both simple and not too long.

Childbirth is an important event in family life. Well, circumcision is a matter of great concern because it must pass through a series of careful procedures. One of them is the way to choose a dependable newborn circumcision clinic. Here is a simple guideline to make it easier for you to choose it.

1.1. Purpose of the Guide

This guide describes the important attributes of a good quality circumcision clinic. It lists the criteria from which prospective parents can select the appropriate clinic. The list is meant to be complete and descriptive enough to account for the majority of factors that people have to consider. Some items on the list may not be deemed important by everyone. These items should be used as conditional criteria. For example, healthcare professionals appear as conditional criteria under the Healthcare package only. If a particular policy does not cover healthcare, then healthcare professionals would not apply.

This guide has been prepared to help prospective parents in selecting the best circumcision clinic for their soon-to-be-born son. In many societies, circumcision is an important and obligatory procedure for boys. Many people also attach great physical and mental advantage to the process of circumcision. However, the existing multiple service providers make the decision hard for many people. A good quality medical clinic will ensure that your son is circumcised in a clean and safe environment, using state-of-the-art facilities, by healthcare professionals who go about their work with the highest degree of care and compassion.

2. Understanding Newborn Circumcision

Considering circumcision should only concentrate on a frank and fact-primarily basis that has benefits and risks. Preferences regarding circumcision (more generally than those led by families and pediatric endocrinologists / pediatricians who give advice on whether or not to circumcise males at birth in circumcising societies) start to come through and rely on the social, ethnic and spiritual origins in utmost cases in which some parents argue that it is a “social practice that should be passed through past generations.

Undergoing the pain of circumcision without understanding or consenting is nothing new for male children. According to the Centre for Diseases Control, 58.3% of male newborns were circumcised in America in 2016. It seems that California, New York and cities across the country are ready to rise the bar for newborn boys’ circumstances, and numerous clinics have opened up to render baby circumcisions more than just a spiritual affair. The prepuce is the fold of loose skin forming the head (or glans) of the penis before the naturally occurring process that removes tissue at the time of birth and exposed the glans. Circumcision involves the surgical removal of foreskin (a combination of the society and/or ritual endings). still another rate, boys, teenagers and adults are selected to perform their circumcisions for ritual, medical, modern and restorative reasons.

2.1. Definition and Procedure

Circumcision refers to the surgical procedure in which the prepuce is removed from the penile shaft. Throughout this work, the terms “circumcision” and “neonatal circumcision” will be used to refer to the removal of the prepuce in this age group. The next section focuses on just a few definitions and the bottom line of this procedure. A brief description of the procedure and its aftercare will also be discussed. The reader is encouraged to review the bibliography that can be found at the end of the thesis for a more in-depth explanation of the subject.

Circumcision is the surgical procedure in which the prepuce is excised from the penile shaft. When performed on a newborn, it is often referred to as neonatal circumcision. Numerous studies present the benefits derived from the procedure, such as decreased risk of urinary tract infections, phimosis, penile cancer, sexually transmitted infections, and HIV. Aesthetically speaking, it is also said to improve penile hygiene. The most convenient time to have the procedure done is within the first one to two months of life. This is when the procedure yields the fewest complications and poses the least physiological risks. Anesthetics are often not recommended, as the pain associated with the procedure is thought to be minimal, and their use can lead to dangerous side effects. Only dissolvable sutures tend to be used in these cases.

3. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Clinic

1. Inquire about the surgeon’s training and competence. 2. Ensure the clinic uses advanced surgical techniques. 3. Meditate on the clinical setting and the patient experience. 4. Don’t let cost be the first consideration. 5. Look for expertise in care. 6. Look for pediatric care experience. 7. The clinic uses safe pain management techniques. 8. Use referrals from family and friends. 9. Take a tour and get to know the staff. 10. The clinic is accessible from home.

Do your research and consider the following elements when choosing the right clinic:

When a couple learns they are expecting a baby boy, one of the noteworthy decisions is whether or not to have him circumcised. There are often religious or cultural considerations behind the decision. Still, from a purely medical perspective, there is no medical need for the procedure to be carried out. Nevertheless, parents who would like to introduce their boy are left with the chance of making the decision of which surgeon to approach and which clinic to select. Newborn circumcision is a common surgical procedure.

3.1. Location and Accessibility

Some other minor considerations of a clinic may also include the availability of mobile charging facilities, room temperature, cleanliness of the environment and also providing a clear indication of the operating price. While to some parents with siblings who have attended similar operations in the same clinic, providing some color-changing plaster or disinfectant cleaning solution (e.g., chlorhexidine gel) as a parting gift to take home would also make the parents feel respected and as a result generate some positive word-of-mouth.

The waiting time of patients reflects the overall time management efficiency of a clinic. A clinic that is able to minimize the waiting time of the patient generally has a competitive advantage. Moreover, a more standardized operation workflow can optimize resource management and in turn lower the operating cost.

What is also worthy to mention is the opening hours of the clinic. As indicated by the parents, they could take time off work to attend circumcision of their child. Therefore, some parents might prefer a clinic that opens in non-office hours, and also terminates at an earlier time. A good balance between working hours and circumcision services might help the clinic attract more customers and also generate more profit.

In our study, we found that location and accessibility are vital to male patients, while they were more concerned about the parking arrangement than accessibility. It is likely that male patients care more about location and convenience than their female counterparts do.

Furthermore, to some parents with a car, the parking arrangement is another critical factor. Especially for some young parents, this may be the first time bringing their baby to attend a baby-related outpatient clinic. The ability to find a parking lot near the clinic provides them an added sense of comfort on the day of the circumcision of their newborn.

Nowadays, many modern families also have more than one child, and even both parents need to work; finding a clinic that is located near other child-related business entities like a children’s clinic or a children’s supermarket may also be an essential characteristic to this kind of parents.

A location of a newborn circumcision clinic is an important consideration to many parents; it determines the route and also the travel time to the clinic. Accessibility is another vital factor to many parents because changing diapers for a newborn is inevitable not only before and also after the operation. The clinic should be equipped with a well-equipped changing room for parents who want to change the diapers of their newborn.

When selecting a newborn circumcision clinic, there are various clinic-related factors to take into account. These factors may include location, accessibility, opening hours, waiting time, parking arrangement, etc.

4. Researching Potential Clinics

Consulting your pediatrician or obstetrician can provide answers to some important questions that may help shape your preferences for your newborn’s circumcision. Some important inquiries include learning more about the procedure itself and finding out who performs the service. Your obstetrician may be performing the procedure themselves, or they may have other suggestions for medical professionals that are considered the best in newborn circumcisions in your area. They may also be able to provide estimates on the recovery times and should be able to answer other additional questions that you have.

To make the best decision about a newborn circumcision clinic, you need to know your options. When it comes to researching potential clinics in your area, there are a few different resources available to you for information. Most healthcare options can provide details on clinics performing circumcisions, if not the actual procedure itself. Finally, there are a number of online websites for resources relating to newborn circumcisions. These resources can provide information on which practitioners perform the procedure and also reviews from parents like yourself on what to expect from selecting these providers.

4.1. Online Reviews and Testimonials

Besides, word of mouth from friends, family or a family physician can provide input on which newborn circumcision clinic is the best to choose. It is always easily accessible to family, a friend, and a pediatrician’s computer to ask their view on oral pros and cons in the local area. Keep in mind though that personal recommendations may also be followed up with an online search to ensure that the clinic in question meets the individual’s criteria. The better the recommendation, the easier it will be choosing a newborn clinic. A reward might be families who are aware of a reliable location encouraging potential patients to get contacted so that they can learn more about the clinic from insiders. If so, then it saves a considerable amount of time and effort with additional referrals and evaluations.

Looking for online reviews is really crucial when it comes to picking the best newborn circumcision clinic. The reason is that these days the internet has made everything easy. Now people can search for anything they want online and get a reliable service at once, right from the comfort of their homes. Checking for clinic reviews is now easy to do as long as you have a computer. There are many websites too that offer reviews of the best healthcare and treatment facilities. Google reviews and Yelp are just a few of the most popular websites that provide reliable clinic reviews that anyone can use to find out more about a newborn circumcision clinic of choice. So, consider checking them out and choose what’s best for your baby.

5. Consultation and Decision-Making

Nowadays, with the power of the internet, we have unlimited resources. We need to take advantage of the best information we can retrieve. If the referral from friends and relatives has been exhausted and we still need to make the correct decision during our preliminary consultation stage, we should not feel intimidated or discouraged. It is really necessary to interview at least 4 to 5 medical practitioners in order to make an educated decision. Going over the procedure with them, the cost of the whole service, the quality of the service; their emergency room situation in case it is overlooked; the type of tools used for the surgery; their experience in the field, and their availability to be called during off-hours, are some of the topics that we need to address for a better-informed decision. The decision-making process among these professionals should be based on their answers and their overall attitude because those professionals are going to continue to care for their newborn, which will require several medical needs in the next few years. But of course, information coming from previous patients is irreplaceable. A comment from a former patient will leave everyone’s doubts, despite the fact that previous patient referrals cannot be the norm. It would be a very tough choice if we feel that by choosing one medical practitioner over another would be a poor choice for the newborn’s penis and his expected long-term health. But recently, more parents have been reaching a better understanding of the concerns previously mentioned in previous sections and have made the best choice based on those concerns. We should feel very comfortable that we are great parents in contacting those professionals who provide those medical services and are ready to make their newborn’s life better in every aspect as possible.

Secondly, if newborn circumcision is considered by law a cosmetic procedure, it does not necessarily mean that medical practitioners are interested in performing it. Performing a circumcision requires the medical practitioner to continuously expose themselves to a patient, and this is only possible in a very limited circumstance as privacy and patient’s rights exist in those clinics. Therefore, the fact that there are not many medical practitioners who perform the circumcision or in fact, the small number of people who actually perform the surgery is a good indicator by itself. Since in any consultation process, the more options there are, the better-informed decision will be, we need to make our consultation with the best selection of medical practitioners. As far as we know from the statistics, the greatest number of medical practitioners who perform newborn circumcision are to be found in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. So it would be very helpful to consult the professionals who have the most experience in this area first.

After you have taken the essential steps and gone through the necessary process, and believe that your baby should have a circumcision, the next stage is the consultation process. In the consultation phase, you will hear about those medical practitioners who provide the procedure and what special services are available at a particular clinic. As it was mentioned in early articles, different medical practitioners have different methods when it comes to newborn circumcision. We do not necessarily need to understand what the differences are, precisely, but we know that the methodology and the medical practitioners’ experience are highly correlated to the patient’s health. So, our first option should be a very experienced medical practitioner like all other medical procedures.

5.1. Meeting with Healthcare Providers

Circumcision is an important task among the wishes to prepare for a newborn baby. Many expectant parents find it difficult to find a good place to perform circumcision because there is a lot to think about when making this decision. Some parents feel that the procedure is easy and can be done anywhere, while new parents feel quite nervous when it comes to their baby’s presence in a harsh operating room atmosphere, unfamiliar staff, and unfamiliar clinic condition. For baby’s comfort, good hygiene conditions, experienced medical staff, pain-relief applications, parents can easily find the circumcision clinic that best fits their budget and needs with some investigation and research.

The healthcare provider should give you an opportunity to trust him or her. You need to feel comfortable with your medical provider and have confidence in him or her. The best healthcare provider is someone who listens and provides adequate answers to your grandmother’s questions, spends time with babies, and values your baby’s comfort as their care. It is important to meet with potential healthcare providers before choosing a newborn circumcision clinic. We hope that the above tips will help you find a good clinic and healthcare provider for the preparation of this important event in the baby’s life and to the whole family for this task.

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